Are there aspects of math that one can choose wether or not to believe?

-Is math a belief rather than Truth? Are we trained to believe in math? e.g.Infinity:

Is math invented or discovered?
We can choose to believe math is invented/discovered.


May 30th Performance

Download file "Andrea 30th May Performances.wav"

A Selection of Programme (3)

I have selected three piece of piano songs for the performance. The first song "F minor Nocturne" was written by Chopin.The second song is "Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence." This song was written for the movie "Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence". It is a japanese style piano song. The third piano song was written by Adrian York,which is an western style piano song.

B Technical Proficiency

My performance of the first song should have present less dynamic changes. So I graded myself 2 for the first song. However, I made some mistakes and the performance wasn't consistent. (The work demonstrates some control of musical elements. The technical challenges are sometimes met.) I made less mistakes in "Riding the New Wave," However I should pay more attention to the dynamic changes for the song. Finally, as my classmate suggested, I should played a longer duration for the last note for the last song "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence."

C Understanding of Style

The piano songs I chose to perform are contrasting. However, the contrasting wasn't well presented in the performance because my lack of dynamics for the songs. I should pay attention to the musical notation on the score and play the song at a lower speed in order to present the rich dynamics.

D Musical Communication

I think I meet the criteria "The work displays some musical communication." My performance was kinda rush and it was presented in the ending of the every songs. I should be careful how I finished the last note of the piano songs.


TOK statements

-Wrong vs Against the rules
-What bad rules are there?
-What methods are you applying to judge right & wrong?
-What is wrong?
-If you don't care about others, is there anything that is wrong?
-If God doesn't exist are right & wrong non-existant?
"Don't shit anywhere someone you know can smell it"
-What is the problem with the golden rule?
-Our own interests are threatened by the inconsiderate behavior of others,most of us find it ways to appreciate that others be considerate"
-"When we suffer it's not just bad for us, but bad, period.
-"Why do we care more about our families and friends than people we don't know"
-"Is morality based ob others?"
-"What are we doing now that is right but maybe wrong in 50 years?"
-Are right & wrong the same for everyone?


Human Science

-Open Ended Question
-Explicitly about knowledge (what is knowing)
-Uses TOK terminology
Precise about terms and relationships between terms

How much is physical eduction a part of the education?
Why is movement not a way of knowing?
How does different occasions influence sports players' performance? (Example: NBA players performed better/worse in NBA games)
How do we know education is a effective way of learning?
To what extend is physical education important to college students? (WE SHOULD HAVE PE CLASSES!)
What is difference between love&infatuation and how do we know it's not just a chemical reaction?
To what extent does improving technology increase overall quality of education?
How important is experience, sense perception in making technocology effeictive in education?
What is the difference between love & infatuation and how do we know it's not just a chemical reaction?
How does fake imaging alter our perception of the world?
To what extent does cultural clashes contribute to conflict in the middle east?



1.Pick a human sciences subject
2.Evaluate for positive/normative data
3. Evaluate for Durkheim/Weber methods

The data is positive: Market Research, Accounts&Finance, ratios
Normative: SWOT


TOK: Human Science

lFirst born children tend to be more successful in their careers. How to define success? To what extend can order of birth and level of income be related?

lHierarchical relationships are inevitable in human societies. This is a hasty generalization. Q: which society? How do you define hierarchical relationships?

lMost boys have a subconscious sexual attraction to their mothers and are jealous of their fathers. Hasty generalization. How many people does "most" represent? To what degree of attraction to their mothers is considered to be a subconscious sexual attraction? We can not conclude that "most" boys have a subconscious sexual attraction to their mothers and are jealous of their fathers if it is the obersevation of some people? It is how do you define most people, how many people? because everyone has a definition towards "most people" so the argument is hasty because people could have different definitions towards the words "most" due to different background and personalities.

lClass is the determining factor in educational success. What kind of class of what kind of education? how do you define success? There is no supporting evidence to prove the argument.


My Axiom 49 just arrived

My Axiom 49 arrived, which means I don't have to clicking the notes on computer anymore, which means the amazing texture brought by this keyboard and I finally can change the key up to five octaves.
It looks soooooo hot

It looks ssoo hot and it sounds ssssooooo amazing!! ^^

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Belief: The notion that you had towards something

My belief: I belief music should not be planned but a natural feelings of expressing emotions


Saturday Morning with My Computer

Download file "Andrea Ruayrungruang Composition Reflection.pdf"

My First Composition: "Saturday Morning with My Computer" :
Saturday Morning  with My Composition

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Oreo China

The sale of Oreo in China is creative, instead of fitting in the Chinese tradition, Oreo Company used the promotion that was rather "American" style."Twist, Lick, Dunk." However, Oreo changed its recipe to meet the taste demands of Chinese consumers. (More chocolate, green tea recipe). The promotion strategy also involved the psychological factor. For example,Chinese prefer the rectangular shape rather than the round shape that Oreo sales in America so they had to change the shape to better meet the demand of Chinese consumers. However, as a result, Oreo with rectangular shapes also sales in Canada and Australia.


Natural Science

-The questions/hypothsis in natural science are deuctive reasoning and inductive reasoning and it has to have test methods.

-Arts. Natural Science

What kind of knowledge claims are made in the Natural Science?

Knowledge claims not cased on personal opinion and interpretation but based on theories and hypothesis about the world.


TOK: History

Knowledge Issue: Fiction is truer than History

Ways of knowing:

Linking Q: Truth


Performing Reflection

A Selection of Programme (3)
I have selected two piece of piano songs for the performance. The first song "Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence" was written by a Japanese pianist and it is a Japanese style piano song. This song was written for the movie "Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence" and won the BAFTA Award for Best Film Music at 1983. The second piano song was written by Debbie Wiseman who is an UK composer. The song Silent Movie Chase was written for silent movie. The purpose of this kind of music is to provide background music sound effects for the films since film industry couldn't include the sounds in the films. I think my selection of music mostly showed a good contrast, because they were written in different time period and different cultural background.
B Technical Proficiency (4,3)
The reason I gave myself two grades on technical proficiency (4,3) is that my performance of "Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence" meets the requirements of grade 4 and my performance of Silent Movie Chase meets the requirements of grade three. I think the reason I failed to have a better control of the dynamics is lack of basic skill practices such as scale practices. I have realized that the practice of pop and standard level piano songs didn't help me to improve my piano skills. I also clearly felt the negative impacts of not having strong strength of my fingers that I failed to control the dynamics, melody and rhythm of the songs especially in Silent Movie Chase. For conclusion, I will have to practice regularly every week and have piano lessons every two weeks. However, if that is not achievable I will practice my basic skills during the vacations in the future.
C Understanding of Style (3,2)
I will a grade three to my first performance of "Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence", and a grade two of Silent Movie Chase. It was easier for me to understand the style of the first song because I knew the movie and the pianist before I started practice this song. However, I didn't know the culture of the second song Silent Movie Chase and I think I didn't present the dramatic and funny elements that this song supposed to present.
D Musical communication (3,3)
I introduced the background of the piano songs to the audience as the introduction of my performance. I think I did that well to communicate with the audience. However, as my classmates told me that I was rushed to finish the first song and that didn't show a good communication between the player and the audience.


Math in Nature

Number of Leaves





Amount of Sunshine, oxygen, water taken

Shape, triangle

Axis of symmetry

Pascal triangle

Geometric sequence

Discovery the pattern of the plants, invents name, units of the plants.

Topic 10: "Through different methods of justifications, we can reach conclusions in Ethics which are as well supported as those provided by Mathematics." To what extend would you agree?

Humans use reasoning to justify math.


What is truth in mathematics

Logically correct. For example, if the questions asks you to "Solve for 0≤x≤2


TOK: Fallacies

Dico Simpliciter: an argument based on an unqualified generalization. For example: Exercise is good. Therefore everybody should exercise.

Hasty Generalization: you can’t speak French. Petey Bellows can’t speak French. I must therefore conclude that nobody at the University of Minnesota can speak French.

Post Hoc: “Let’s not take Bill on our picnic. Every time we take him out with us, it rains.” (ula Becker doesn’t cause the rain. She has no connection with the rain. You are guilty of Post Hoc if you blame Eula Becker.)

Contradictory Premises: If God can do anything, can He make a stone so heavy that He won’t be able to lift it. Because when the premises of an argument contradict each other, there can be no argument. If there is an irresistible force, there can be no immovable object. If there is an immovable object, there can be no irresistible force.

Ad Misericordiam: No Arguments

A man applies for a job. When the boss asks him what his qualifications are, he replies that he has a wife and six children at home, the wife is a helpless cripple, the children have nothing to eat, no clothes to wear, no shoes on their feet, there are no beds in the house, no coal in the cellar, and winter is coming

False Analogy: Here is an example: Students should be allowed to look at their textbooks during examinations. After all, surgeons have X-rays to guide them during an operation, lawyers have briefs to guide them during a trial, carpenters have blueprints to guide them when they are building a house.

the argument is all wrong. Doctors, lawyers, and carpenters aren’t taking a test to see how much they have learned, but students are. The situations are altogether different, and you can’t make an analogy between them

Hypothesis Contrary to Fact: If Madame Curie had not happened to leave a photographic plate in a drawer with a chunk of pitchblende, the world today would not know about radium

Maybe Madame Curie would have discovered radium at some later date. Maybe somebody else would have discovered it. Maybe any number of things would have happened. You can’t start with a hypothesis that is not true and then draw any supportable conclusions from it

Poisoning the Well: Two men are having a debate. The first one gets up and says, ‘My opponent is a notorious liar. You can’t believe a word that he is going to say.’

It’s not fair. The first man has poisoned the well before anybody could drink from it. He has hamstrung his opponent before he could even start ...


TOK: Deductive example from group 6

I chose business class from group six and here is my example. In business class, we mentioned dividends of a company. The dividend is the money paid to the shareholders from the companies. People assumed if one person has more shares held then that person will have higher total payment from the company. The assumption of dividends is using the logic of "If....then......" so this is a deductive example.


First Performance in Assembly (2011_)

I performed the Nocturne in F minor in the assembly as my first performance in grade 11. I am reflecting my performance based on three criteria. They are technical performance, understanding of style and musical communication.

Technical Performance (4)
I think the dynamics and the rhythm were under consistently demonstrates effective control.(5) However, I had lost a few notes of the bass line. So I met most of the technical challenges but not all of them.

Understanding of Style (4)
I think my performance consistently showed the understanding of the style by the showing the understanding of the speed, the dynamics and the techniques that I tried to show.

Musical Communication (5)
Although the reflection of the audience of was simple, they did reflected that I communicated with the audience effectively. However, the limitation is the technique of the bass line. I didn't play the notes effectively and that might somehow destoryed my musical communication.


Composition October11th

The screen shot on the right is what I wrote before the October holiday, but due to the problem of the school server I couldn't post it earlier. When I was writing these bars I added an new instrument, the soft organ. The point of adding an instrument is to
enrich the texture of the music. As the beginning of the music, these four bars were wrote to attract the attention of the audience.

You can see I added one more layer ( the choir) at the end of section A. The use of the choir is not only to make the song polyphonic but also to give a light and quiet dynamic at the end of the first section.

The screen shot on the right is the first draft of the end of the first section. Obviously, these four bars speed up the rhyme of the song, which is not what I expected for an ending of a section.

I wrote these bars as the introduction of my song. Unfortunately, I found them not matching the rest of the sound. Although i personally like the melody, but they sound too sad and is not connect to the opening of the first section, which is two bars of semiquavers.

A good news is, by the end of the school day I
finally came up with two names of the song. One of them is "The Battle of the Mermaids," the other one is "The Battle of the Ocean."

picture source: : view/life_under_the_ocean...

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Composition Sep.8th

-Our task is to create a song using one of the modes. I got pretty confused on modes, but I knew I wanted my song to start with the note E and I wanted to have F sharp in my song. Ms.V helped me found two modes that matching them. I wrote the first three bars of my song today.

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