Critic of "Political Drama"

The painting 'Political Drama' was drawn in 1938 by artist Robert Delaunay. There is a woman on the right side of the picture, and a man is on the left side of the picture. Both of them are dressing in formal clothes. The man's body is leaning toward the right side, and he looks more fas away than the woman. In the background, there are circles filled with different colours.

In this painting , the artist draws all the things roughly. Primary colours are being used, especially red and yellow. It is totally in 2D because no shadows are drawn. The artist used lots of circular shapes and curve lines.

I think the man and the woman are the political people, because their dressing are very formal and serious. The circular shoes, the curve lines, and the background five people a dizzy and confusing feeling. It lets me think that politics is not straight forward, people act a lot, it's very confusing, which reflect the name of the painting.

In my opinion, this work is successfully done because it is easy to understand the meaning, the painting conform to the name, and it shows the artist's style very well.


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