Spain Research

My country that I'm representing: The kingdom of Spain
Capital city: Madrid
Continent: Europe
demonym of country: Spanish
Country's bloc:
Form of government: parliamentary monarchy
Does the monarchy influence politics?:
Head of state: President of the government
Current ruling parties: PSOE
Is there a monarchy?: Yes
Is the government independent?: yes
Was the country a colony or a colonizer?: colonizer
Does religion influence politics (theocracy)?:
Affiliation to Political Organizations?:
Population of Indigenous People:
Coastline or Landlocked?: coastline
Surface Area: 505,370 sq km
Population of Country:
Land Type: large, flat to dissected plateau surrounded by rugged hills; Pyrenees Mountains in north
Average Life Span:
Major Ethnic Groups: composite of Mediterranean and Nordic types
Are ethnic minorities integrated into society well?:
Poverty Rate in Country:
Major Religions:Roman Catholic 94%, other 6%
Literacy Rate:
total population: 97.9%
male: 98.7%
female: 97.2% (2003 est.)
Major Exports (From which Countries?):
GNP Per Capita (GNP Per Person):$29.500
Percentage of Unemployment:
What are the Natural Resources?: coal, lignite, iron ore, copper, lead, zinc, uranium, tungsten, mercury, pyrites, magnesite, fluorspar, gypsum, sepiolite, kaolin, potash, hydropower, arable land
Human Development Index (HDI):
Major Imports (To which Countries?):
Germany 15.02%, France 12.82%, Italy 7.17%, China 5.8%, Netherlands 5.22%, UK 4.7%
Affiliation to: Trade Organisations?/ Economic Organisations?:
Currently in War/ In Danger of War?
If yes, Who are the involved parties?
Who are your Allies?:
Non-Renewable Energy Consumption?:
Energy Consumption (kWh):
Over-usage of natural resources?:
Types of Alternative Energy Used:
Who are your Country’s Main Allies?: no one


World Food Today-Summary 21 april 2011

I read an article called World food day.
The price of food is getting higher and higher every year because of the prize of oil has gone up. That leads to more and more people that can’t pay for the food that they and their family need. Every year over 150 countries highlight the problems of world hunger. Countries try to stop world hunger, and this day drives attention to it. This article does also mention that if the cost of food is high, people can start making irrational choices, they use all their money to buy food, and then they won’t have any money left to buy other things that a person needs to have a good quality of life. Oxfam says that countries must give more food to poor countries. Governments has given large amounts of money to fight world hunger, but they haven’t given FAO enough. They only have emergency food supplies, but they need more if they are going to be able to fight this problem.


Summaries 28 March 2011

These are my Summaries for all of the scenes:

Download file "Scene summaries.pages"


Activity 1 And 2 28 March 2011

These are Activity 1 and 2:

Download file "Art to Drama Activity 1-1.pages"

Download file "Art to Drama Activity 2.pages"


Quality Of Life March 10 2011

Quality of Life Definition

How good your life is
Standard of living
How happy you are

Kind of housing:

Heat or AC


Job satisfaction
Distance from home


Availability of public transport
Type of transport

Its quality
Quality of the facilities
Expectations of the curriculum


Medical Services:
Access to doctors

Crime rate

Now, how do we measure this? How do we measure all these small parts individually? Is there a objective way to measure this?


Development Discussion Wednesday March 9 2011

These are my answers to the following questions:

1. In which of the two living areas in the photo do you think people would have a better quality of life?
I think that people would have a better quality of life if they lived in the apartment housing because they have air conditioning, they have running water, electricity, a more stable place to live, a roof over their heads, and its often very crowded in the Shanty housings.
But the shanty houses are free and its better for the environment. I also think that you would feel more free if you lived in the Shanty houses. You also don't have any people that are over you or under you like in a building like the apartment housings, so you can't disturb anyone and no one can disturb you.

2. What three words would you use to describe the shanty housing and what three words would you use to describe the apartment housing?
Shanty housing:
worn out
Apartment housing:

3. Where would you rather live? Why?
I would rather live in the apartment than in a shanty because you can be more to yourself in your own apartment, its safer, its warmer in the winter and colder in the summer, its more stable, and the apartments have electricity and running water.

4. From the evidence in the photo, how does quality of life in Rio de Janeiro compare to Beijing?
Beijing has some shanty houses like that called hutongs, but a lot of them are torn down and gone. Like Rio de Janeiro, Beijing has its tall buildings and apartment buildings, and its very old, worn out, poor shelters and small houses that people live in. But I think that the contrast between the two is greater in Rio de Janeiro than in Beijing.


Poverty March 6 2011

In humanities class we discussed the following questions. Here's my answers to these questions.

1. What is poverty?
Poverty is when you can't afford the things that you need. For example, water, food, shelter, education etc.

2. How is it measured?
You can measure it by looking at the populations health, like when people die, and the infant mortality rate. If you want to compare to countries you can also look at how much people earn every year and then solve what the average person makes every year, that's called BNP. The bad thing about BNP is that if there's a country that has lot of people that are really rich and a lot of people that are poor and not that many people that earn a normal amount of money, then the average earning will be wrong.
You can also measure poverty by how much things a country produces every year.

3. How can we end it?
People that has a lot of many or enough money can donate some to the poor. Some banks gives out very small loans to people that needs it so that when you are ready to pay back you can pay back. Some people think that its a bad idea to donate money to the poor because they think that they're just going to use up the money and when the money is gone they don't know what to do.
You can also try to invest in the country's economy, like producing things or agriculture.
Rich countries can also help poor countries by investing money and knowledge, and worldwide organizations like the red cross could help out with health care and such.


March 1 2011

I saw a video on youtube called <Muammar Gaddafi - Zenga Zenga Song - Noy Alooshe Remix>

Moammar Gaddafi made a video when he said that he had power not just from the inside but also from the outside and that he has people on his side and so on. Someone then made a so called "remix" of the video and change the pitch of Moammar's voice, added music, and change the video so that it would look like Moammar was dancing to the beat of the music.
The video is now really famous, more as a joke than a threat or a serious speech. It has had 803,354 views after just a couple of days!

I'm going to use Human ingenuity to help me guide my response. Nowadays you can change a lot of things with technology. The person who made the video is a good example of man made things. He change almost everything about the video and turned a very serious and a little bit scary message from Moammar Gaddafi into a music video.
Human ingenuity can be both positive and negative and in this case it is just a matter of what you think. Is this remix of the video a positive or negative thing to do? I think that it is a fun joke but at the same time I don’t think its very good to do that because it can promote very strong feelings. I can understand why someone would want to do this video, but it is still very risky.

Muammar Gaddafi - Zenga Zenga Song - Noy Alooshe Remix: Unknown. Perf. Moammar Gaddafi, 2011. Youtube.


February 27 2011

I read an Article on china daily's website called <Suicide bomber kills 28, wounds 24 in Iraq>

There was a suicide bomber in Iraq who sat a bomb on and killed 28 people and 24 more where hurt. There was a lot of mothers and children that was walking next to it. It was the second time that week that a bomb exploded and people where killed. The second one was a bomber who attacked a pilgrim. Many pilgrims has been attacked by bombers under the last couple of months and people don't really know why. There is a lot of suicide bombing in Iraq but from the looks of it,it has decreased from 2006-7.

I'm going to use human ingenuity to back up my opinion. I think its so sad that innocent people die.The human being created bombs and that has showed a lot of negative effect on the world today. When people disagree they can hurt each other so much more. War's starts and people think that the only way to say what you think about some things is to hurt people or do something really bad. Like the bombing in Iraq, it's probably some people who has something to say but instead of saying it they start bombing people. Think about it, If we didn't know how to create bombs and guns and stuff that can harm other people than there would be so much less fighting and hopefully more communication. The bombs are a negative consequence. I don't know how we are supposed to solve these problems. Its kind of difficult to change but maybe if people started to communicate more than that could really help.

"Suicide Bomber Kills 28, Wounds 24 in Iraq." China Daily Website - Connecting China Connecting the World. Web. 28 Feb. 2011. <>.


February 23 2011

I read an article in cnn called <Interior minister resigns rather than carry out Gadhafi orders>

There’s a lot of protesters in Libya right now, Libya's interior minister has resigned and is now on the Libyans side. He has said that he's not on Moammar's side anymore and he thinks that Moammar is a bad leader and that he does bad things for he's people. There has been a lot of protesting against the leader of Libya, Moammar Gadhafi. Moammar is desperate and has tried to so called “buy people off”. He has bribed people and paid for education etc. if they say that they’re on his side. Moammar has for example planned on using airplanes against people in Benghazi. The interior minister has also accused Moammar of killing civilians.

I'm going to use community and Service to back up my opinion. I think that Moammar Gadhafi should resign because its not fair to the people since they don't like their leader. Moammar Gadhafi isn't doing right by his country and he is should help the Libyan people, and he doesn't do that. In my opinion he only does it worse. He's should make it a good community and service for his people but he's just doing bad things like bombing and making the environment unsafe. By being a bad leader people are starting to protest and with so many people protesting it can be really unsafe. He is saying bad comments to the people like calling them "rats" and being really disrespectful. Now when the interior minister has resign his family can be in danger since he is not on Moammar's side anymore. Moammar is making Libya a unsafe place and he's being very unfair to his people.

"Interior Minister Resigns Rather than Carry out Gadhafi Orders -" International - Breaking, World, Business, Sports, Entertainment and Video News. Web. 28 Feb. 2011. <>